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Microsoft limiting Vista even further

ZDnet has a very disturbing report on Microsoft limiting the ability of Vista users to reinstall the software.


Firefox 2.0 development podcasts

Check out for behind-the-scenes podcasts of the development of Firefox version 2.0.


Microsoft to explain privacy rules

Microsoft is going to let everyone know where they stand on privacy.


Write a jingle for Mandriva

Check out the new competition from Mandriva. Do you have a song that needs to be heard?


Firefox films

Check out the Mozilla Firefox movie contest.


New version of Blender

Version 2.40 of Blender has been released. One of the biggest advances with this new release is the Fluid Dynamics system. Can't wait to try it out.

You can find Blender documentation here.


OpenOffice 2.0.1 released

The project has released version 2.0.1. Mostly bugs have been fixed, but some brand new features have been added as well.


Apache releases Geronimo 1.0

The Apache Software Foundation has released Geronimo 1.0, an open source application server.


Linus prefers KDE

Here is an interesting thread from a GNOME mailing list. Seems Linus Torvalds prefers KDE or GNOME as an interface for Linux.


Blenderart Magazine now available

It's been out for a few weeks, but in case you missed it, Blenderart Magazine issue 1 is now available for download.